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Allow us to introduce Trojan Consultancy; an internationally renowned, London based security consultancy team who deliver a professional and discreet style of close protection through dedicated security personnel.

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For further information on Trojan Security, whether you would like to discuss your requirements or are contemplating commissioning such a service please contact Debbie Tarrier

Business Profile

Trojan Consultancy provides a variety of security services that has attracted High Net Worth clients, Blue Chip companies and Royalty from around the world. The team members are all former Personal Protection Officers to Her Majesty The Queen and other senior members of the British Royal family whom are trained to an exceptionally high-standard and unparalleled level of protection.

As a company, they pride themselves on heritage and pedigree in providing an internationally recognised level of protection, delivering close protection, security driving, residential security and event management. The company has unwavering focus and dedication, backed up by a genuine and unique wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Trojan Consultancy operates with a unique style of discreet and unobtrusive protection, which allows VIP’s to continue with their lives as normal.